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Periyar And His Ideologies

Periyar And His Ideologies

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E.V.Ramasami respectfully addressed as Periyar (the great)
was born on 17th September, 1879 with a silver spoon to a wholesale
trader at Erode, a town in Tamil Nadu. He was a school dropout but
acquired efficiency and unalloyed wisdom. With his extra cute and
rationalist ideology he started ridiculing the ghosts, goblins and gods.
He found out that humans alone are not only responsible in creating
their our gods but also enslaving themselves to their creation. The
result superstitions, rituals, religious killings, social injustices, women
enslavement, untouchability, deprivation of education and
unemployment to the lower rungs, heinous hegemony of the Brahmins
in the Hindu caste system. As god is the root cause for these evils
‘rout god’ was his war cry. He felt that unless and until god is
abandoned, liberty, equality and fraternity will have no meaning at all.

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