Nationalism without Nation In India - Contents

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Chapter I Introduction: Historical Sociology and the Study of Nation and Nationalism in India

Change in the Agenda
The Sociology of Nationalism

Chapter II Colonial Rule and the Old Order

Pre-Colonial India
Modes of Cultural Interaction
The Impact of Colonial Rule

Chapter III Nation: Homogenization of Power within Culture

Rise of Political Consciousness
The Nation's Struggle to be Born
Muslim Political Awakening
Mass Emergence as Anti-Colonialism

Chapter IV Nationalism: The Movement for Transfer of Power

The Birth of the National
The Nationalists

Chapter V Nationalism: Competing Ideologies and Contrasting Visions

Ideology and Indian Historiography
Nationalism as an Ideology
Nationalism and the Invention of Tradition

Chapter VI Nationalism and Nation: The Gandhian Synthesis

Gandhi as an Event
Gandhian Political Mobilization

Chapter VII Nationalism without Nation

Inventing or Preventing the Nation
The Failure to Emerge

A Consolidated Bibliography of Books and Articles


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