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Nationalism without Nation In India

Nationalism without Nation In India

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  • புத்தகம் 3 - 5 நாட்களில் அனுப்பி வைக்கப்படும்.


G. Aloysius This is a sociological interpretation of modern Indian history. It is also a hard-hitting critique of nationalist historiography as well as the Indian national movement.

Aloysius evaluates anti-caste, non-Brahmin, and other socio-religious movements in a new light and seeks to place them within mainstream history. He sees the national movement in the context of a multiplicity of political awakenings which took place during the colonial period. His conclusion is that internal cleavages within Indian society, rather than the obvious external contradictions between Indians and the British, were responsible for the outcome of the nationalist movement and the failure of the nation to emerge.

The author bases his analyses on Gellner's definition of nationalism as a congruence of power and culture, and points to the contradiction of mobilization without a homogeneous power within the Indian national movement. This book will interest all sociologists, historians, and political scientists.

G. Aloysius is an academic who has served as Visiting Professor / Fellow in several universities and institutions. He has written extensively on caste, nationalism, modernity, and subaltern communities of the Indian subcontinent.

"...quite important intervention into historical understanding.'

- David Ludden

'A significant, new, interpretative study of Indian nationalism.

-Gail Omvedt

'A synthesis—a radical and illuminating one at that—of recent scholarship.?

- Indian Review of Books

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Nationalism without Nation In India

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