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The Ramayana (A True Reading)

The Ramayana (A True Reading)

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Ramayana and Baradham are the foremost imaginary epics of the manifold romances manipulated by the Aryans. They are designed to lure the Dravidas into their snare, to wipe off their sense of self-respect, to blunt their discretionary faculty and to destroy their humanity. The respective heroes of these two stories are Rama and Krishna belonging to the Aryas and who were after all, men of a very ordinary type. These stories again were foisted that the heroes, their relations and their helpers should be regarded as Gods and superhuman beings and venerated by the people as worthy of being worshipped. A careful and analytical study of the original legends would reveal that the happenings and the events alleged to have taken place are most uncivilised and barbarous.

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