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Nine Decades of Marxism In The Land of Brahminism

Nine Decades of Marxism In The Land of Brahminism

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Swapan K. Biswas questions the fundamental failures of Indian Marxism and its historical incapability in understanding and addressing casteism in India. He also discusses the doctrinal incompatibility in a caste- ridden and racist society. He forebodes on how the Indian Communists, influenced and controlled by Brahmins have lost track of Marxism and how the Indian Marxists have betrayed the “Orphans of the world”. Has Marxism in India been appropriated by the wrong people? Should we be cautious of the Manuwadi Marxists? In this work of significant importance, scholar and one of the loudest voices in the Dalit political spectrum, gives us the answers. NINE DECADES OF MARXISM IN THE LAND OF BRAHMINISM is a profound and bold exposition of the political thought.

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