Thoughts Of Periyar

Thoughts Of Periyar

தலைப்பு Thoughts Of Periyar
எழுத்தாளர் கி.வீரமணி
பதிப்பாளர் திராவிடர் கழகம்
பக்கங்கள் 312
பதிப்பு Third Edition - 2019
அட்டை காகித அட்டை
விலை ரூ.300/-


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I) On God

(1) Periyar's life, UNESCO's Award, Professor Basil Mathews of Oxford University and V.S. Naipaul about Periyar

(2) Question and Answers on God

(3) Why I am an Atheist

(4) 4th World Atheist Conference Number - Periyar on God.

(5) Why do we criticise and deny god?

 (6) How does god account for evils?

 (7) The Hoax about gods

 (8) God and Man

(9) Faith in God should be abolished.

II) On Religion

(1) Religion is the cause of injustices in the world

(2) Theists and atheists

(3) Can't people live without religion

(4) Religious fanaticism

(5) Why should religion be abolished?

(6) Fissures in Hinduism

(7) Buddhism

(8) Thoughts of Periyar - I

(9) Thoughts of Periyar-II

(10) Annihilating Religion

(11) Hinduism and Social Reforms

(12) Quit Hindu Religion

III) Caste- Untouchability

(1) Caste conduct and Hinduism

(2) Untouchability

(3) Untouchability

(4) Our primary service should be for the Elimination of caste indignities

(5) We cannot eradicate caste without becoming atheist

(6) Hinduism is the basis of Varna-Jaathi

(7) Caste system stands on faith in God, religion and scriptures

(8) Thoughts of Periyar - III

 (9) Thoughts of Periyar -IV

(10) Periyar on Brahminism in India

IV) Women's Empowerment

(1) Suppressed women

(2) Advice to women

(3) Marriages - thoughts of Thanthai Periyar

(4) Women and Self-respect Marriage

(5) Birth Control

(6) Widow-remarriage

V) Superstitions

(1) Periyar and Russell on ‘soul.

(2) Thanthai Periyar on Astrology.

VI) Rationalism

(1) Rationalist Thinking - I

(2) Rationalist Thinking-II

(3) Rationalist Thinking -III

VII) Other Topics

(1) Periyar on Charity

(2) The Genesis of my Self-respect Movement

(3) The world to come

(4) Our duty today

VIII) Periyar Answers Ten Questions

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