Periyar Feminism - Contents

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1. Introduction

2. Feminism - Various Dimensions

3. Relevance of Periyar Feminism

4. Periyar on Family and Women

5. Periyar Feminism in the Indian Context

6. Periyar A Radical Reformer

7. Periyar on Education.

8. Periyar and Marriage

9. Periyar on Marriage and Love

10. Periyar’s Perception of Love

11. Women Of Periyar’ s Family in Freedom Struggle

12. Periyar Feminism: Its Challenges

13. Global Hegemony: The Impact of Periyar Feminism on Modern Society

14. Feminism of Periyar

15. Periyar’s Accent on Self Respect Marriage

16. Why Periyar Feminism?

17. Periyar as a Universal Feminist

18. Universal Relevance of Periyar’s Gender Equality

19. Resolutions passed at various Self Respect Conferences relating to Women Empowerment

20. Life Sketch of Periyar

21. about the Editor

22. Contributors List.

23. Glossary

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