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1. Tamil Renaissance


2. In Search of Social Justice


3. The Birth of the Justice Party


4. The Benevolent Rule of the Justice Party


5. The First Anti-Hindi Agitation


6. The Emergence of the Dravidar Kazhagam


7. The Second Anti-Hindi Agitation


8. The Rise of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam


9. The First State Conference


10. Three-pronged Struggle


11. DMK Enters the Election Battle


12. DMK in the Opposition


13. DMK Captures the Madras Corporation


14. The First Treachery


15. DMK Becomes the Main Opposition Party


16. DMK Condemns the Chinese Aggression


17. Anna Thunders in the Rajya Sabha


18. Language Issue in the Parliament


19. The Fourth Anti-Hindi Agitation


20. The Revolt


21. DMK Captures Power


22. Anna Becomes Chief Minister


23. The Fifth Anti-Hindi Agitation


24. The First Ministry of Kalaignar


25. Five Great Slogans


26. DMK Supports Indira Gandhi's Progressive Policies


27. DMK Captures Power Again


28. The Second Ministry of Kalaignar


29. DMK Hails Independent Bangladesh


30. The Designs of M.G.R.


31. The Second Treachery


32. DMK Demands Autonomy


33. Kalaignar - A Great Builder


34. Democracy in Danger


35. Fight against Dictatorship


36. The DMK Government Dismissed


37. Atrocities in Jail


38. towards Democracy


39. The Janata Experiment


40. The Third Treachery


41. DMK Again in the Opposition


42. Political Decency


43. Black Flag to Indira Gandhi


44. Farmers’Agitation


45. DMK Wins Legislative Council Elections


46. Anti-Hindi Conference at Tiruchy


47. M.G.R.'s Confusion in Reservation Policy


48. The Janata Fails


49. DMK and Congress (I) Forge Alliance


50. DMK - Congress (I) Government in Pondicherry


51. The Betrayal


52. Self-Immolations against the Arrest of Kalaignar


53. The Long March


54. The Dismissal of the DMK led Pondicherry Government


55. The Dissolution of the Legislative Council


56. The Sixth Anti-Hindi Agitation


57. The Evil Designs of Jayalalithaa


58. The Launching of the National Front


59. Kalaignar Becomes Chief Minister for the Third Time


60. The Mandal Commission Report


61. The Woes of Eelam Tamils - I Why did the Tamils Take up Arms?


62. The Woes of Eelam Tamils - II the Tamil Militant Groups


63. The Woes of Eelam Tamils - III Fratricidal War in Eelam


64. The Woes of Eelam Tamils -IV the Failure of the Indian Foreign Policy


65. The Platinum Jubilee of the Dravidian Movement


66. The Seventh Anti-Hindi Agitation


67. The Fourth Treachery


68. Half-Success in Reservation


69. The Eighth State Conference


70. Kalaignar Becomes Chief Minister for the end Fourth Time


71. Jayalalithaa behind Bars


72. The Platinum Jubilee of the Tamil Nadu Legislature


73. towards Communal Harmony


74. The Jain Commission's Interim Misreport


75. Change of Governments at the Centre


76. I.T. Revolution in Tamil Nadu


77. Disputes Flow in the Cauvery


78. Jayalalithaa Resumes Atrocities


79. Kalaignar Karuvoolam


80. UPA Government at the Centre


81. The Supreme Court Condemns the AIADMK Government


82. Kalaignar Becomes Chief Minister for the Fifth Time


83. Achievements Galore


84. Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project


85. The Woes of Eelam Tamils – V Abortive Agreement


86. The Woes of Eelam Tamils - VI S A DMK Demands Ceasefire


87. The Woes of Eelam Tamils - VII What Next?


88. Tamil - A Classical Language







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